Sittin' on the side, waitin' for a sign

hopin' that my luck will change

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Most of my journal is now Friends only, but not all of it, hence the lack of a post stating such. I do write fic and all of that is now friends locked and can be found in my memories.

My journal is a mix of my personal entries and fiction. No, I will not maintain two different Livejournals, so if you only want to read my fic, well ignore the rest? Also, there aren't going to be a lot of entries that don't have at least some mention of Hanson...because I just might be obsessed with them.

I'm a thinker. I have strong opinions, and a hell of a lot of punch to back them up, even if I don't always have the rhyme or reason. I've been through a lot in life, but things have finally started to look up. I live my life day by day, attempting to make the most of it. Or usually just to make ends meet and survive in a crazy world.

I enjoy the animu. I have for quite awhile and have racked up quite a nerdy collection. I am not as die-hard of a fan anymore...I used to be to the point of some closet insanity. It's died down a bit to a simmering enjoyment.

Currently on hiatus from college until I find out just what the hell I want to do with my life. I live with my brother and his wife in the middle of nowhere Florida. I'm a native of Wisconsin and I'm still getting used to this humid hell-hole state.

I enjoy computer things. Mainly zomg MMOs. I hate WOW with a passion. Never played it, the art is alright. But honestly, I've seen it ruin people's lives and experienced it pull people away from me. I'm selfish and like spending time with my e-buddies. I've dabbled in most free Korean MMOs, most notably FlyFF, Fiesta, and recently Shaiya. I'm always in Second Life these days, and it has eaten holes in my time since early 2006. Played Aion for a short time, but unfortunately, I can't afford the subscription anymore.

I've had a few online journals before, been an avid part of a few fanlistings, and had a small online presence in the form of two dinky geocities websites. Ah, those were the days. If you think you recognize me, add me. If you don't but are interested in my silliness, add me. I'm always welcome to new acquaintances and experiences.
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